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Transeo Media VDP Variable Data Print Software

DirectSmile VDP Studio

Variable data print workflow and personalised images in a single solution.

Boost your sales and increase margins by offering unique high-value print products!
Customise any part of any printed piece simply through rules and include personalised images in one seamless workflow. DirectSmile VDP Studio is your professional solution for personalised print production.
You can create layouts using Adobe InDesign, set up sophisticated rules and create imposition. Optimised, multiple output options and a layout-to-press data stream ensure high productivity. Thanks to full scalability VDP Studio can grow as your business grows. Simply add more performance with additional Rendering Licenses.
DirectSmile VDP Studio is the professional solution for the production of all-round personalised print pieces. By introducing emotionally appealing personalised images and perfectly targeted content you will help your customers reach higher response rates and increase the effectiveness of printed communication.

DirectSmile VDP Studio works with Adobe InDesign, so you can create your layouts the way you’re designers are used to. The software helps to save production time and cost, because you can use all customisation options including personalised images within one integrated workflow. At the same time it offers the reliability you need for trouble-free production of highest print volumes.

Use the DirectSmile VDP Studio to design your own personalised images or alternatively you can choose ready-made personalised images.

Create your personalised images and a layout. Load the Database. And start to print on your digital press. It is as easy as that.

As we have seen our customer’s volume increase, we make sure all DirectSmile products are scalable and reliable with high volume jobs also. They are upgradable with additional rendering licenses for more performance and do integrate with other products of the DirectSmile portfolio.