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Plug-in to the growing, high margin photo calendar market with Taopix

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The most successful online calendar businesses have one thing in common…….FORWARD PLANNING.

Volumes of online photo calendar sales grew massively in 2017. But it won’t stop there. Now is the time to learn the lessons of 2017 and get prepared for 2018.

The most successful players make sure everything is installed, working and tested at least 6 months before the season.

They use the remaining time marketing and refining. In such a busy market place consumers know they have a choice.

So don’t risk getting it wrong and prepare to maximise 2018 now.

Whether you already have an online calendar site that needs improving or you are looking to get started we have some of the most advanced solutions for you.

Taopix makes it easy to offer your customers a wide range of photo calendar choices! Set up a calendar template, with a pre-set date range and configuration and consumers simply need add their photos and place their order. From traditional hanging, wire-bound calendars to desk calendars you can offer a choice of a huge variety of shapes, sizes, templates, formats and backgrounds.

Taopix photo book and calendar software…everything you need in one platform!

You wouldn’t expect to buy a new car with no engine included.  You would want the full package! So why settle for anything less with your photo calendar software? After all, it’s a crucial part of your business.

Transeo Media distribute and support the world leading Taopix photo software platform in the UK. Taopix includes all the tools you need to sell and produce unlimited personalised photobooks, calendars, wallart and photo gifts, designed by your customers, across a wide range of devices!

Just some of the tools included to sell unique photo calendars

Optimised calendar user journeys: Create, order, in production within minutes.

Calendars aren’t only photos: Make it truly unique with special dates.

Preloaded events: School holidays, special events, public holidays.

Styles, sizes and themes: Offer a wide range including grid, vertical, panoramic and desk calendars.

Out-of-the-box cross platform calendar support for mobile, tablet or computer.

Retain complete control of the process

Includes an extensive starter pack of products, assets and layouts.

Create your own themes and products with the Taopix creator software.

Customise the entire designer to multiple brands.

Use the included Taopix shopping cart or use your own.

Integrated production management that pushes print-ready files to the presses.

3 easy steps to integrate photo calendars into your website

If you already have an eCommerce presence it couldn’t be easier to integrate personalised calendars to your offering.

Step 1: Create your Taopix photo calendar template in the drag-and-drop creator software

Step 2: Assign it a price and assign optional components in the Taopix control centre

Step 3: Point the ‘CREATE NOW’ product link on your web site to the unique URL generated by Taopix.

That’s it!

Learn more about Taopix Personalised Gift Software

Besides calendars Taopix is a turnkey software platform enabling you to sell just about any type of photo personalised book, album, gift, wallart and more. Explore all the functionality including:

Multiple brand builder

Flexible shopping cart: All under your complete control

Social Media Integration

Automatic Image Enhancement

Payment Gateway support

Integrated production management

Taopix Connect API suite: Integrate with other ecommerce technologies, picture libraries and more.

Next steps? Well, we’ve helped hundreds of customers successfully launch their online photo businesses.

Contact us here if you’d like a chat.

Alternatively take a look at our fully operational demo site and see for yourself.

Go to our live demo site
We can create a new online product really easily and teach anyone in the business how to use Taopix to make templates. There’s no need for programmers and you can have a product live in 24-48 hours. There are other systems out there that will do similar things but they are not geared for personalisation by the consumer, they may be powerful but they’re not user friendly. Justin Earl, Conservatree Operations Director,