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DirectSmile Image Server

Integration of personalised images in your applications
Use industry-leading DirectSmile image personalisation in websites, e-mails, or applications for mobile phones, VDP or Transpromo. By using the DirectSmile Image Server you will profit from high output and little administration effort.

Thanks to the flexible Multi Server concept the solution offers you full scalability for unlimited image rendering power, while the available APIs ensure total integration flexibility. There isn’t a more reliable way to generate the images you require.

Generate a million images per day, and more!

Using DirectSmile Image Server on powerful hardware you can easily generate one million personalised web-resolution images in 24 hours! And by adding more server hardware you can even exceed this to any desired volume.

How can you benefit from the DirectSmile Image Server?

  • Enhance the impact of marketing and sales solutions by incorporating personalised images
  • Enhance the effectively of your internet or mobile applications by using image personalisation to make your web pages, online shops and web-to-print applications more attractive
  • Incorporate personalised images in your e-mailings so they will enhance the content of your advertising message and trigger a higher response
  • Get the “wow” Factor of image personalisation without changing your existing IT – just add the technology of the inventor of image personalization
  • Easily implement the DirectSmile Image Server in your IT by using existing APIs
  • Start with a base system and simply add additional rendering instances if required – thanks to the scalable architecture of the DirectSmile Image Server

Integration with APIs
The DirectSmile Image Server delivers personalised images as graphic files. These are ideal for use in your print output or web page and will convince the visitors of online shops and e-mailings alike. The APIs available ensure that any programmer can quickly and easily integrate your image motifs into your internet presentation. You have total integration flexibility into your applications as there are three possibilities available: Web Services (SOAP), URL call (http) or WCF.