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Print is single channel yet print buyers need to communicate in many other ways. Printers can become part of this evolution and offer data integrated personalised marketing campaigns. With the right tools you can easily help your customers improve their interactions, fully embrace the power of mobile as a multi-channel tool, and ensure personal and meaningful engagement every time.

Customers engage in their own unique way. As every individual is motivated differently, by adjusting each communication to be relevant, businesses massively increase the chances of success.

To maximise each customer’s potential, businesses can use technology to harvest and interpret their data, and use it to create targeted campaigns. A contextualised customer campaign means personalising the look, feel and content of every customer’s experience based upon a whole host of factors including time, geography, history, age, gender and buying history.

Added to that, customers don’t just interact using single channel, say email. Meaningful engagement always requires a variety of engagement channels, for example email, web, social and print.

The rewards for business to take a data-driven approach to multi-channel engagement are well documented, and the discipline has evolved from being a ‘nice-to-have’ to an imperative.

Basically, the more personalised and relevant the experience, the happier the customer.

By making the transition from printer to a provider of multi-channel marketing services, your opportunity is to expand your value and become part of the solution, and not simply a landed cost on your customers’ budget.

Your evolution will have major benefits to the overall business.

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