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 Create stunning lay flat architect presentation books

Mazina layflat architect presentation book

The book you give prospects is the lasting impression you leave and what the client uses to make their decision on whether to work with you.

To show your architecture designs and plans in a wide and easy-to-read setting the presentation book needs to lay flat. Otherwise all that detail near the gutter (the side of the page near the spine) is un-readable. Besides, a presentation book with pages that stand up on their own isn’t that easy to read!

The good news is that the vast majority of today’s digital presses available are more than capable of producing the print quality needed.

But producing a lay flat book has been traditionally burdened by long turnaround time constraints, complicated processes and cost.

Until now.

Mazina: Quickly produce beautiful layflat architect books

Used by major architects and interior design businesses, Mazina allows the production of stunning architecture presentation books with the same turnaround time as regular binding that lay flat. What’s more, it is easy to make. With Mazina paper specialist layflat equipment is not required.

Mazina is ideal for presentations with detailed maps and plans, and for any project with high quality images that cover an entire spread.

The Mazina difference : The Flexbind Hinge

Mazina layflat is regular sized digital paper with one unique difference. It has been converted using FlexBind technology that allows a re-inforced, flexible, printable hinge to be added near the binding edge of the sheet.

This hinge enables the finished book to open flat. So, with Mazina layflat print media, architects can print full panoramic spreads without any image loss in the gutter or without the additional time and cost in glueing sheets.

Mazina print media is offered in a variety of weights, finishes, and textures. A simple drop-in solution, Mazina layflat paper works with most digital presses,  do not require additional equipment and can be used in most binding processes.

Create books of all shapes and sizes

Mazina removes the usual size restrictions on digitally printed layflat architectural and design presentations. When open your books can be as wide as A3 landscape (around 90 cm wide) or Portrait (45 cm tall)!

Mazina sheets work with digital printing presses including HP Indigo, Xerox, Konica Minolta, Ricoh and Canon.  The Flexbind hinge can be located on the long or short side of the sheet, giving you all the flexibility you need.

Getting Started

Getting started with layflat couldn’t be simpler. Mazina just drops in to your print and binding process.

And even if you don’t print your own books we’ve got it covered. Make contact with us and we’ll work with your current suppliers to get started, or introduce you to one of our certified Mazina layflat book producers.

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