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DirectSmile Integration Server

Production-class document generation with online workflow
Make variable documents including personalised images easily available for online configuration. DirectSmile Integration Server delivers high-speed real-time previews of personalised print pieces, on your website, on your web-to-print portal and directly in your existing online shop through the optimised shop interface.

The DirectSmile Integration Server provides you with a full-blown production system with an automated online to press workflow that ensures trouble-free printing. With convenient administration, easy management of all resources and full scalability it provides the optimal basis for profitable web-to-print business. Thanks to its open architecture you will find it easy to integrate leading DirectSmile technology into any of your applications.

Generate a million images per day, and more!
Using DirectSmile Integration Server on powerful hardware you can easily generate one million personalised web-resolution images in 24 hours! And by adding more server hardware you can even exceed this to any desired volume.

How can you benefit from the DirectSmile Integration Server?

  • Enhance your internet or mobile applications by using image personalisation and variable documents to make your web pages, online shops and web-to-print applications more attractive
  • Incorporate personalised images in your E-Mailings which enhance the content of your advertising message and trigger a higher response
  • Present assertive, personalised product previews to motivate your customer’s purchasing habits.
  • Use the effect of variable, personalised content in graphics or PDF in order to support your advertising promotion and product information.
  • Online orders can be produced automatically on your digital production printing system

Integration with APIs
The DirectSmile Integration Server delivers personalised images and documents as graphic files. These are ideal for use in your print output or web page and will convince the visitors of online shops and e-mailings alike. The APIs available ensure that any programmer can quickly and easily integrate your image motifs into your internet presentation. You have total integration flexibility into your applications as there are three possibilities available: Web Services (SOAP), URL call (http) or WCF.