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Digital Storefront Web-to-Print Solutions

TranseoMedia’s EFI Web-to-Print Digital Storefront Solution is a centralised online marketing application for printers that acts as a custom-branded portal, making it easy for businesses to manage all aspects of their print procurement any time, any place, anywhere!

Your customers can purchase their printed material all in line with their agreed guidelines, approval process and pricing. This means easy access, easy ordering, and easy branding for your customers, which translates into more print orders and loyalty. Whether you’re starting from scratch or simply improving your existing site, TranseoMedia have the tools for you.

Digital StoreFront® is EFI’s award-winning flexible eCommerce solution that offers the industry-leading print buyer experience designed to win new business, acquire new customers and grow your existing business.

Digital Storefront Features & Benefits


  • E-commerce sites that can be branded for a specific client, company or department with custom colours, logos and products
  • Streamlined job submission designed to integrate with an MIS system to provide end-to-end business integration
  • Powerful integration with DirectSmile ® Cross Media Marketing
  • Multi-language, currency, company and plant support
  • Industry-specific software development, training and support
  • Create highly customised data driven personalised print output using integrated variable data tools and templates such as business cards, postcards and direct mail pieces
  • Cloud or Self-Hosted deployment
  • Suitable for B2B, B2C and SMB business providers


  • Online business enablement solution lets print service providers differentiate themselves and provide key customers with a dedicated online service
  • Buyers can order and reorder at their convenience 24/7 from any location worldwide
  • Digital StoreFront makes it easy for users to order products through the storefront with an intuitive checkout shopping cart: process
  • Increase productivity and volume without increasing staff or costs
  • Improved client retention and satisfaction
  • Optional workflow modules to deliver end to end web-to-print workflows and automation


A flexible, scalable and future-proof web to print investment

With proven scalability,  Digital StoreFront web-to-print is designed to fit your business today and evolve with your business.

Scalable: With customers ranging from small commercial printers (1 location) to retail organisations (over 1,500 locations) to in-plants (over 190 facilities), Digital StoreFront has the architecture to adapt to the scale of your company.

Transactions: Digital StoreFront is designed to scale inline with your business, supporting transaction volumes from 100’s to 1,000,000’s of orders per year. No click charges!


Go live quickly with SmartStore web to print

SmartStores use the latest responsive technologies (HTML5 and CSS3) to allow storefronts to scale smoothly from desktop to tablet and mobile devices.

Create an unlimited number of custom storefronts complete with specific brand colours and logos.

The new generation of storefront designs feature contemporary web design themes with over a dozen templates you can customise.

SmartStore Builder’s advanced customisation tools provide administration access to edit the SmartStore sites’ HTML and CSS.


Bring efficiencies with integrated workflows

Digital StoreFront helps you grow your business  by giving you a complete eCommerce toolset that will help you reduce labour costs through automation.

Digital StoreFront integrates with Print MIS and ERP solutions.

Integration eliminates repetitive tasks and reduces manual touchpoints while maximising your productivity and profitability.

Real-time status updates are bidirectional, which allows for immediate communication to both operators and customers alike.


Control costs with hosting options to fit your business needs

Digital StoreFront comes in two deployment options to fit your technical and budgetary needs.

Cloud: A cloud-based (SaaS) deployment model is a compelling option with a convenient pay-as-you-go model. Our experts will continuously monitor performance and keep your site running 24/7. The team also takes care of maintaining the server, installing upgrades and upscaling when needed.

Self-Hosted: If you want to incorporate Digital StoreFront into your existing IT architecture, the self- hosted deployment option (on premise) enables you retain full control of your Web application on your network, behind the firewall.


Offer personalisation with variable data capabilities

Create highly customised data-driven VDP campaigns.

From business cards to postcards and more, VDP software includes advanced features such as the ability to customise products based on rules-driven personalisation.


Visual Product Builder

Visual Product Builder provides a consistent and powerful view for all products that includes side-by- side print options and preview.

With the Visual Product Builder, buyers can upload a file, select the print and binding options, add, delete and rearrange pages, obtain a quote, proof their job and submit their order all in one intuitive online interface.


Online job submission and management

Order creation: Digital StoreFront provides an end- to-end workflow solution from order creation and the checkout process through order tracking.

Order automation: Automated production to Fiery and integration to MIS for planning, scheduling, costing and production.

Order management: Buyers can create orders, check production status and reorder products in one location.


Shopping cart, payment methods and approvals

Shopping cart: Digital StoreFront makes it easy for users to order products through the storefront with an intuitive checkout process.

Payment methods: Digital StoreFront provides the option to pay by Cost Centre, purchase order, custom accounting codes as well as credit card transaction processing.

Approvals: You can set up workflows with multiple levels of approval at the dollar amount and product level to automatically notify the designated person of pending orders requiring approval.

Integration with EFI DirectSmile:

Now you can publish multi-channel marketing campaigns from our DirectSmile Cross Media ® design software to EFI Digital StoreFront.

  • Buyers can execute high impact personalised campaigns directly from EFI Digital StoreFront portals
  • Campaign results and analytics can be tracked from the campaign dashboard

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