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Unified customer engagement solution to create powerful, data-driven, personalised multi-channel campaigns

Integrate and join up multi-channel marketing with CRM data in realtime

EFI MarketDirect is an integrated platform to enable companies to quickly and easily build and distribute personalised communications across multiple channels, including programmatic print.

By integrating and personalising all aspects of personalised print, eMail, landing pages, web sites, mobile and social communications, MarketDirect provides a unified platform to programatically engage existing customers and drive outreach and demand generation to new customers.

MarketDirect is designed to enable your Marketing and Communication teams to leverage customer data and automate their programs to improve engagement and  generate better results with inbound and outbound  customer communications and marketing programs.

Your unified platform to manage and measure the success of your communications

MarketDirect makes it simple to build powerful marketing campaigns around your customer data. This is great news for SME’s. Many small to medium businesses have the same marketing needs as larger ones, but simply don’t have the resources to invest  in complex and costly enterprise marketing solutions.


MarketDirect Cross Media—intuitive, powerful and fast campaign setup

MarketDirect enables internal marketing departments and agencies to build data-driven, personalised campaigns quickly and  easily, integrating email, website,  programmatic direct mail or mobile message. Marketers can link personalised landing pages from personalised print.

Using our programming-free drag and drop designer you’ll be equipped to easily build stunning responsive, multi-channel campaigns faster than ever. And you’ll be able to accelerate results by integrating data from using third party CRM systems.

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Get ready for GDPR and seamlessly integrate programmatic print into your multi-channel strategy

MarketDirect Cross Media uniquely integrates direct mail into the online strategy, allowing businesses to make the most of the new GDPR regulation.

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25 May means direct mail and offline in general takes a renewed importance.

As both processors and controllers of personal data, direct marketers need to be aware of how GDPR will affect them, but it also provides opportunities for brands to be more innovative with data.

Personalised Direct Mail is already proving a useful way to get consumer permission, particularly for charities. According to JICMail data, 61% of all door drops opened are read, looked or glanced at, and the average door drop is shared two or three times within a household.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has confirmed brands do not need consent for postal marketing if they can use legitimate interests.


Designed simple—create powerful personalised communications easily, with intuitive tools that don’t require HTML or coding experience!

Customize and modify your layouts and creative in one place!

With the Cross Media designer, you can quickly and easily create your landing pages, emails and VDP documents. All in one easy to use HTML tool—no need to use different solutions for different channels.


Use intelligent themes for fast brand control

With Cross Media’s intelligent themes—you can quickly apply branding and design elements to your campaign creative, saving time and making easy to ensure your or your clients brand is represented accurately across all communications


Visualize your Campaign flow with the Storyboard Editor

Cross Media’s storyboard is both simple and powerful. Providing a visual overview of the campaign elements and flow the storyboard enables you to quickly understand all the campaign components and how they are connected.