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For printers looking to offer cross media services? Our customers consistently encounter the same obstacles.

Becoming a cross media marketing service provider isn’t an optional extra for printers any more.  It is a proven way to add more value and guarantee future growth opportunities, and escape price pressure.

Cross Media Marketing enables printers to add data management, personalisation and digital channels to their existing print offering.  What’s involved in making work it for you?

Plan according to your customer’s needs

You can be sure that your customers won’t know about all the benefits an all-in-one cross media marketing approach can offer them.

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While your customers will be grateful for this extra value, for you, becoming a marketing service provider doesn’t happen without a plan.

Focus on understanding your customers’ communications problems without focusing on print. Ask them how they currently communicate, how they follow up and what success looks like to them.

Much will depend on the sector and size of your prospects. Find out how they use data, and if they coherently communicate across all channels? Is content personalised? Do they effectively measure performance? Do they have a CRM?

With answers to these questions you’ll be able to formulate a plan addressing the pain points. Then you can determine what your cross media solution needs to do, devise your offering, pricing and sales pitch.

Avoid unnecessary overheads, go fast-to-market

Cross Media Marketing requires printers to take a new approach. Instead of meeting a demand, you’ll be at the core of your customers’ communication strategy.

But printers can’t be expected to embrace multi-channel marketing technology if it needs further investment in expensive development to make it work. This is the key obstacle.  If your platform requires expert development the time taken and the additional costs make it hard to gain a return.

To be most effective you’ll need to understand design and data. With the right solution in place these services are relatively straightforward to learn.

In order to keep your costs under control stay away from development-heavy solutions and find training resources so you can bridge the knowledge gap.

Cross Media Marketing – absolutely. But don’t forget print!

Personalised Print within multi-channel marketing is the printer’s unique selling point.

Yet, while most marketing automation platforms include multi-channel in one way or another, all seem to have left out personalised print.

The value of print dramatically increases when it is personalised and part of a cross media campaign.

The advice is obvious – you are a printer. Make sure you’re solution integrates personalised print seamlessly within the multi-channel campaign mix.

Don’t compromise. Embrace flexibility

Sound obvious? Well it isn’t. Great demonstrations sometimes cover up the small but critical features you’ll need to be really effective. As a novice it’s easy to miss.

Make sure you have full control of the data, the campaign creation process, and all the flexibility you need.

Pick the right partner

With so many things to consider, picking the right partner is essential.  It’s not just about the technology but how you use it to build a successful business. While the software you choose is a huge decision, no less important is it to have on hand assistance to help you make the most of it.

Transeo Media supply printers and agencies with integrated cross media marketing software solutions that include personalised print, are programming-free and have proven results.

We’re experts in helping printers make use of technology to develop high margin business opportunities.

See our solutions page to find out more about our cross media marketing solutions. Or let’s talk and discover how we could be of help  — Contact us