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Existing eCommerce business can seamlessly plug in to the growing, high margin personalised calendars market – this year.

With the overall personalised photo calendar market growing 8% annually and expected to grow to £760M in 2016, the opportunity is open for those willing to focus using the right photo calendar software. (futuresource).

Read some key pointers:

Retain complete control of the process

The key features to look for:

Create your own themes and products creation

Customised to your brand

Single user login, use your shopping cart and checkout

Out-of-the-box mobile, tablet and browser support

Focused user experiences for each target demographic to optimise conversion

Automated production management to push print-ready files to fulfilment.


personalised calendar flip
If you already have an eCommerce presence it couldn’t be easier to integrate personalised calendars to your offering.

You already know how to sell online. Follow these 3 steps to integrate personalised calendars into your offering

Use standard API’s to seamlessly integrate your  photo commerce platform into your existing web infrastructure

Find a fulfilment partner (we can help here too!)

Add personalised products links to your eCommerce site

Tell everyone about your new personalised offerings!

Make yourself (even more!) unique

Make sure you have out-of-the-box cross platform support for mobile, tablet or computer

Optimised user journeys: Create, order, in production within minutes.

Calendars aren’t only photos: Make it truly unique with special dates

Preloaded events: School holidays, special events, public holidays

Styles, sizes and themes: Offer wide range including grid, vertical, panoramic and desk calendars.


We’ve created a fully functional demo site so you can see the integration for yourself:  Demo personalised calendar site