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UK design and print company, Conservatree, has reported the successful introduction of its new online photo calendar designer software powered by the Taopix platform.

The Reading company, established in 1993, currently employs 21 people and, as its name suggests, is committed to protecting the environment by minimising the waste it produces and using materials such as recycled and FSC certified paper. The company purchased Taopix Online, from UK Taopix distributor Transeo Media, Read more… »



So you’re selling stuff online. That’s great. But like most of us, you’re probably wondering what’s next. What you can do to push on and deliver that extra sparkle, improve conversions, higher margins and more repeat business?

And you need to achieve it all without disrupting your existing business?!

The outstanding tool that can allow you to pack more power into each product is to allow customers to personalise what you already sell. Read more… »

Over 300 enhancements released within Taopix, including 3D Designer, HP PrintOS and eCommerce integrations.


Helping businesses integrate personalised print into their digital customer engagement

Ofcom’s annual communications report throws up many surprises. Not least that 16-24 year olds spend more time than 25-34 year-olds reading print media and as much time as 55-64 year olds do.

Most companies still haven’t taken steps to integrate print within their multi-channel strategy.

That’s where you come in…

Existing eCommerce business can seamlessly plug in to the growing, high margin personalised calendars market – this year.

With the overall personalised photo calendar market growing 8% annually and expected to grow to £760M in 2016, the opportunity is open for those willing to focus using the right photo calendar software. (futuresource).

Read some key pointers:

UK software developer, Taopix, will be demonstrating its new personalised calendar user journey for smartphones, tablets and larger screens at drupa 2016.

The new Calendar Designer is a web app that gives the purchaser the freedom to create and order highly personalised calendars on any device..


For printers looking to offer cross media services? Our customers consistently encounter the same obstacles.

Becoming a cross media marketing service provider isn’t an optional extra for printers any more.  It is a proven way to add more value and guarantee future growth opportunities, and escape price pressure.

Cross Media Marketing enables printers to add data management, personalisation and digital channels to their existing print offering.  What’s involved in making work it for you?


With the overall personalised photo calendar market growing 8% annually and expected to grow to £760M in 2016, the opportunity is clear for those willing to focus using the right photo calendar software. (futuresource)

The growth in personalised photo calendars is not only direct to consumer.  By reaching niche areas with themeable and personalised products, you not only offer higher value but demand higher prices too! Read more… »


The need to offer marketing communications across multiple channels has seen Anton Group in Essex partner with a creative marketing agency, Nutshell Creative Marketing in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes.

It has allowed Anton to position itself as a Marketing Service Provider (MSP), and key to the whole deal has been EFl’s DirectSmile Cross Media software supplied by Transeo Media


Has mainstream marketing lost sight of its original aim? Which is to help businesses gain exposure, prospects, new customers and retain old ones. But are we allowing the latest technological wows in digital marketing wag the proverbial dog?

In a very short period of time, customers have become numbed by the sheer deluge of digital content, and are demanding a less foreign and more sincere approach. We are seeing a return to traditional values: Straight selling, good product, and excellent personal service. Read more… »