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Layflat Paper from Mazina

A high value proposition for commercial digital printers, photobook producers and professional photolabs, Mazina allows the production of stunning layflat books without the need for specialist print or finishing equipment.

Mazina layflat paper has been converted using FlexBind technology that allows a flexible, printable hinge to be added near the binding edge of the sheet. This hinge enables the finished book to open flat. So, with Mazina layflat print media, the consumer enjoys full panoramic spreads without any image loss in the gutter.

Mazina print media is offered in a variety of weights, finishes, and textures. A simple drop-in solution, Mazina layflat paper works with most digital presses,  do not require additional equipment and can be used in most binding processes.

Key Features

Helping Commercial Printers, Photobook Producers and ProLabs

Mazina®: The opportunity to offer a stunning range of high-value print