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Transeo Media Cross Media Software Solutions

Multi-channel and VDP Marketing Solutions

Go where the growth is and become an all-in-one personalised multi-channel marketing services provider

Cross media marketing is the printer’s evolution to becoming a long term valuable communications partner.

Today’s buyers want a consistent brand experience, across multiple channels without compromising presentation or design.

Our cross media marketing software platforms empowers you to create personalised campaigns that combine data, personalisation, digital and print media. Using our programming-free drag and drop designer you’ll be equipped to easily build stunning responsive, multi-channel campaigns.

Using advanced data integration tools you’ll be able to accelerate results using third party CRM systems including Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Taopix and many others.

Getting started with cross media marketing is full of unknowns and ‘what ifs’. That’s why in addition to world-class technical expertise Transeo Media offers advice and encouragement to help you change at your own pace and in your own way.

cross media marketing cloudCross Media Benefits

  • Multi-channel marketing meets personalised direct mail. Include print at any stage of the campaign
  • Create targeted outbound campaigns to intelligently help customers reach more prospects
  • Run ‘always on’ inbound campaigns to help your customers pull new prospects
  • Create interactive marketing and Facebook apps
  • Boost response with personalised images
  • Includes complete Variable Data Print (VDP) functionality
  • Available as a server license or cloud subscription.

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